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In an effort to make our church more secure both for groups the meet there throughout the week and the Preschool, a new security system has been installed.

Visitors to the church during the week will notice that once you enter the front doors, there is a security gate lowered to the right of the doors and a passcoded lock on the door entering the stairwell.  The elevator the the lower level is also locked during the week.  Anyone wishing to enter the church will either need a code to the door or will have to call the Preschool or church office to be let in.  Visitors may also enter through the church office door on the right side of the building which now has a doorbell to alert office staff someone is there.

On Sunday mornings the security gate will be up and the elevator unlocked to allow church members access to

worship and Sunday School classes.  However the passcoded door will remain locked so everyone must flow through the entryway to access the church.  The stairwell door on the Nursery side of the stairs is open to allow access to the stairs.

For more information or to get a code for the door if you're a leader of and member of a group that uses the church, please contact the church office at 304-342-7351.

Beginning in the summer of 2019 we've also implemented a chain gate system for our parking lot to make our lot safer for those using it.  The lot will be open during business hours during the week and on evenings when there are activities in our church.  Groups and individuals using our church facilities for activities will receive instructions on how to use our chain gate system.

COVID19 UPDATE:  Persons entering the church building are required to wear a face mask or covering, maintain social distance, and follow all posted guidelines such as one person/parent-child at a time in restrooms, no use of worship room or moving of chairs in that room during the week, etc.  Please address all questions regarding COVID19 policies to the church office at 304-342-7351.

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