Elizabeth Memorial is continuously participating in numerous outreach projects, some year-round, others seasonally. 


Yes!  It is our hope and our intention to hold a flea market this year, barring any changes or setbacks that would prohibit us from doing it.  We will set a date soon and provide more details.  Meanwhile, please keep saving your stuff! If you have questions, contact Nancy Cipoletti, 304-541-7394 or nancy8267@yahoo.com


Books for the Little Library are needed. There is a basket in the Narthex under the coat rack for donations. Valerie Roberts is managing our little library (located to the left of our parking lot entrance). Please see her if you have questions.


Margie Turley and Jane Hange delivered 311 diapers and pull-ups, 5 packages of baby wipes, and 446 feminine hygiene products to grateful Sojourners Shelter staff on March 2nd to conclude the EMUMC mission collection for February. The Shelter maintains a supply of these products for the approximately 75 women and families they house at any given time throughout the year. Many thanks to our congregation!


The EMUMC Cereal Sunday Collection during March was super successful! A total of 100 pounds (yes 100 even!) of many varieties of cereal, pop top soup and pasta, and juice boxes were delivered to Manna Meal on March 30 to help feed the approximately 125 breakfast diners daily.  Thanks to all who contributed!


Members of our congregation volunteer to assist at local COVID vaccination clinics.


EMUMC provided eight pizzas, drinks, salads, and cookies for residents at the Sojourner's Shelter on March 28.  Because the shelter was on a temporary lock-down at the time of the dinner, only about 40 residents were on premises.  Thanks to the generous contributions of our congregation, we have enough "pizza funds" to host another pizza party in the near future.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the April Collection of items for Flood Recovery Buckets. We took the following items to the New Vision Depot near Beaver, WV: laundry detergent pods, household cleaner, bug repellent spray, room fresheners, clothes line, clothespins, scouring pads, kitchen rubber gloves, handi- wipes, sponges, N95 dust masks, 5 gallon buckets and lids, paper towels, Clorox wipes, large garbage bags, scrub brushes, and dish soap. these items were values at $384.26!

Nine EMUMC folks put in a day of volunteering as we inventoried donations from across the Annual Conference and inspected and repacked 4 pallets/144 flood buckets that had been donated and delivered from local churches in the upper NY Annual Conference! 

Our Congregation At Work:
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