Elizabeth Memorial is continuously participating in numerous outreach projects, some year-round, others seasonally. 

Several deliveries of nonperishable food were made to local food pantries in October. Heart and Hand in South Charleston received 107.5 pounds from EMUMC bringing their 2020 total to 410 pounds.  On Oct. 20, 74.5 pounds of food plus many plastic food containers were delivered to the Covenant House Food Pantry for a total of 2,292.8 pounds from EMUMC  this year.  The generous donation of food and plastic dishes was appreciated!  Storage space is full for dishes, so please recycle others for now.  Heart and Hand could use cereal, jelly, pancake mix, syrup, and beans. Covenant House Food Pantry has a special request for deodorants or antiperspirants -- men's, women's or unisex -- and full size shampoos and toothpaste.  Donation of nonperishable food including jelly, pancake mix and syrup, canned fruit, pasta, or meats (Vienna sausages, chili, ham, etc), tote bags, used but serviceable pots and pans, and full-size deodorants, shampoos, or bars of soap would be much appreciated by both food pantries in November.

Books for the Little Library are needed. There is a basket in the Narthex under the coat rack for donations. Valerie Roberts is managing our little library (located to the left of our parking lot entrance). Please see her if you have questions.

Several members of our congregation and the weekly Prayer Group made and delivered Porch Packages to several of our homebound members to let them know we were thinking of them and to say a quick hello and prayer when possible.  Many thanks to all those who helped spread a little Christian love and fellowship to those we miss seeing in worship!

Starting Sunday, Nov. 1, the fishbowl will be out on the Sundays we have drive-up communion. Or you may submit your Two-Cents-a-Meal offering with your regular offering to the church office - just be sure to designate that's what it's for!

Other Monthly Offerings We Participate In:


1st Sunday -- Money left at the altar rail goes to our Good Samaritan Fund


4th Sunday -- Our 2 cents/Meal Collection; simply place 2 cents for each meal you enjoy throughout the month in a container, bring your offering on the last Sunday of the month, and we donate this offering to Manna Meal.

Let's help our veterans in November by donating laundry soap pods. The men and women at the West Virginia Veteran's Home in Barboursville can really use them. If you wish to donate there will be a collection basket in the narthex. The doors are open Monday-Thursday 9:00am-12noon and most Sunday evenings 4:30-6:00pm. 

Our Congregation At Work:

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