Seeking Part-time Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist Church in Charleston, WV seeks a part-time Administrative Assistant.  Applicants should be well-organized and efficient, attentive to detail, have knowledge of fundamental bookkeeping practices, ability to communicate effectively, and excellent work ethics.  Send resume and letter of interest to or 108 Oakwood Rd., Charleston, WV  25304.  Website

Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist Church Description


The Secretary is responsible for helping and supporting the Pastor, the congregation and the ministries at Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist Church (EMUMC). This person also serves as the Financial Secretary and as the Membership Secretary. This position is parttime and requires presence in the EMUMC office 25 hours per week.



The Secretary serves under the direct supervision of the Pastor and is accountable to the Staff/Parish Relations Committee (SPRC).


Professional Qualifications

▪ A growing Christian in word and deed.

▪ An understanding of the basic core beliefs of the United Methodist Church.

▪ Experience in performing general office work such as telephone usage, filing, handling questions/complaints, data entry and computer entry.

▪ Computer competency with Windows, Excel, Power Point, Word, Servant Keeper database and/or equivalent programs.

▪ Knowledge of using graphic art in photos in documents and programs

▪ Ability to meet deadlines, remember important details and routinely complete tasks in a proficient and timely manner.

▪ Able to use or learn standard office equipment and computer programs

▪ Ability to protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality.

▪ Must exercise discretion in dealing with the membership and the community

▪ Excellent communication skills and ability to relate well to diverse age and social groups.

▪ Ability to work cooperatively with other staff, volunteer and community members and supervisors as assigned by the church.



▪ Provide a wide range of administrative, clerical and support functions to assist in the daily operations of EMUMC. These include but are not limited to: o Answer telephone.

o Greet/help visitors to EMUMC.

o Maintain office equipment.

o Sort and distribute mail.

o Maintain and purchase office supplies.

o Maintain prayer list.

o Provide pertinent information to web master.

o Distribute worship materials and scriptures to liturgist when directed by the pastor.

▪ Maintain office and computer files in an orderly manner.

▪ Prepare and proofread worship materials and other printed materials as needed.

▪ Create PowerPoint presentations for worship service(s) including scripture, pictures, graphics, responsive readings, and other items as may be requested.

▪ Recruit and coordinate liturgists, AV volunteers and counting teams.

▪ Prepare and distribute weekly newsletter using the current mailing list.

▪ Work with the Treasurer to maintain membership giving database, maintain correct financial information including counting team reports, deposits and provide information to the Pastor and the Finance Committee.

▪ Prepare and make bank deposits as directed by the treasurer.

▪ Schedule and coordinate the use of church facilities by church members and outside groups, including use of the parking lot and shelter as approved by the pastor or appropriate committee.

▪ Maintain the master EMUMC calendar and update the on-screen video display in the narthex.

▪ Facilitate communication on behalf of church members and committees.

▪ Maintain a current list of key holders and provide keys to personnel as needed. Collect keys when no longer needed.

▪ Maintain permanent records for membership including birth dates, baptisms, marriages, transfers, addresses, financial records, deaths and other such information as directed by the pastor or church committees.

▪ Prepare and distribute membership transfers, baptismal certificates, quarterly and yearly giving statements, and Charge Conference and statistical reports.

▪ Create, distribute, manage and maintain records of EMUMC correspondence.

▪ Attend regular church staff meetings with pastor and committee meetings as requested.

▪ Perform other duties as assigned by the pastor to ensure smooth operations at EMUMC.

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